Lori Woodyatt
Executive Director

Megan Houston
Education and Outreach Co-ordinator

Megan didn’t always like history, but was inspired to pursue it as a career because of some amazing professors. After completing her diploma in General Arts at Seneca College, she went on to pursue degrees in History, Anthropology, and Education at York University. Her research mainly focuses on Ontario history, with a concentration on York Region peace communities, the Rebellion of 1837, and early settler women. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, working on genealogy, and reading historical fiction.

Elizabeth Evans
Facility and Collection Manager
Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Arts in History from the University and Victoria in 2014. In 2016, she received a Postgraduate Certificate in Museum Management and Curatorship from Fleming College. Elizabeth began her career at the Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum in October 2016 as the Programming and Outreach Assistant and took on the position of the Facility and Collections Manager in October 2017. As well, Elizabeth is an Education Instructor at Pickering Museum Village and is on the Board of the Pickering Township Historical Society.

Amy Marshall
Visitor Experience Manager

Summer Staff

Joshua Clements
Museum Assistant



Lauren Ulbricht
Collections Assistant

Lauren has always had an interest in old things, so pursuing an education in history just made sense. She is working towards her Bachelor of Arts in history and hopes to pursue a postgraduate education. Lauren would like to work in a museum one day conducting research, assisting with exhibitions, and making museums a fun and accessible place for communities. In her free time, Lauren enjoys reading, watching historical dramas, and spending time with family.

Emma Deyman
Event and Programming Assistant

Emma fell in love with history at a young age, becoming inspired by stories such as Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie. Her interest in the past has led her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in history. Emma plans to further her studies through postgraduate education and to bring this learning into a classroom of her own. She hopes to encourage curiosity in her future students and to show that history is much more than a series of dates.

Amy Pitura
Program Assistant

Amy has a passion for museums and history thanks to the many Nancy Drew books she read as a kid. She is currently in her last year at university studying English and Primary/Junior Education. Through her studies in English literature, she found that history can be represented through many fascinating lenses. Amy also has a passion for outdoor education and hopes to incorporate that into her programming here at the Temple. Her goal for the summer is to create fun and engaging historical programs for campers!

Mary Lasenko
Heritage Garden Assistant

Mary has always had a love for gardening. She grew up loving to play in mud and milking cows. This love blossomed as she grew so she decided to pursue a bachelor of science degree in agriculture. Mary hopes to continue learning and educating about agriculture, sharing her passion with everyone. This summer she is working to create and maintain an accessible garden at the Sharon Temple with the help of senior volunteers. When she is not gardening, Mary enjoys baking with farm-fresh produce and knitting.