New Exhibit: Enslaved Africans in Upper Canada

Don’t forget to come to the Sharon Temple to check out our exhibit “Enslaved Africans in Upper Canada” on loan from the Archives of Ontario. The exhibit features five panels created by the Archives of Ontario, that touches on the story of the lives of enslaved Africans, and focuses on the actions that enslaved people took to resist their servitude in Upper Canada.

We love getting travelling exhibits from the Archives of Ontario because it allows us to tell a story that is very different from the story of our site. The exhibit is important because it tells a story that often is not told. It discusses those who were slaves here in Canada.

During Black History, we should take the time to reflect and learn about the struggles and hardships faced by African Americans, as well as the accomplishments and successes. Without all of this, we would not be where we are today.

We’ve put a few of our artifacts on display, discussing some of the different jobs enslaved Africans were given, including: cooking, blacksmithing, and carpentry.

Find it at the Sharon Temple National Historic Site from now until March 28th 2018.