For 100 years, members of our community have worked – and sometimes struggled – to maintain the Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum as a vibrant, living monument to the social, political and architectural history of this country.

By choosing to donate to The Sharon Temple Museum Society, you can help ensure that the Society continues its tradition of telling the story of the Children of Peace who were caught up in the wider affairs of early Canada through their involvement in the Rebellion of 1837, which badly split their community and led to imprisonment, banishment, and even death. In the 1840s, Sharon became a centre for the struggle for democracy and the forging of a new nationalism as the Children of Peace ensured the election of French-speaking reformer Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine and his English-speaking ally, Robert Baldwin.

For 186 years, the Temple has stood in Sharon and over the years has come to mean many things to many people. More than anything, in keeping with the vision of David Willson and the Children of Peace, it has been available and accessible to the community as best it can for weddings, fundraisers, festivals, exhibits, concerts and readings.

The Temperance Hall has been used by many and has brought tremendous life to the site. The weekdays are filled with meetings, seminars and workshops. On the weekends, there have been receptions, parties, dances, showers, and more.

Despite being a National Historic Site, the Sharon Temple Museum is not guaranteed funding from any level of government. The money raised through donations, applying for grants, and revenue generating activities on site.

In 2017-2018, we wish to thank the following agencies and organizations for their support:

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