York Region District School Board’s Heritage Fair

On Saturday May 13th, 2017 the Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum was honoured to have the opportunity to run two programs at the York Durham Region Heritage Fair. We had a great time running our programs and meeting many talented and bright students.

Students discuss the culture that they have created. Photo Credit: Amy Barron.

One of our programs was “Creating A Culture”, which allowed students to take a look at all the different aspects that come together to form a culture or a society. Students were able to create their own culture, while working in groups to come up with the Laws that would govern their society, and the Freedoms that the people in the society would be guaranteed.

Our second program, “Rebellion Boxes” discussed the history of the 1837 Rebellions and the phenomenon of Rebellion Boxes in Upper https://ativanoral.com Canada, where men imprisoned for their roles in the Rebellions carved small wooden boxes for their families with messages on them. Students were given the chance to create their own Rebellion Boxes, while deciding what important messages they wanted to decorate them with.

Some of the amazing rebellion boxes that were created! Photo Credit: Sarah Faulkner.

It was amazing to see so many students from Grade 7 to Grade 10 take part in a fair all about History and Canadian Heritage! We were impressed by all of the projects we saw, which ranged broadly in topic from the Canadian Gold Rush to the History of Cellphones, all the way to the History of Makeup!

We wish the finalists of the York Durham District School Board’s Regional Heritage Fair good luck as they move forward to the Provincial Heritage Fair!